Can You Really Do Your Own Bathtub Refinishing? Here’s What Experts Have to Say

A bathtub is a great item to have in your bathroom. It helps you get relaxed and calm down after a long and hectic day. When you have a bathtub that has seen better days and is deteriorating, it makes taking a bath unpleasant. 

You can work on this— replacing it with a new tub, using an acrylic liner, or refinishing it. The latter being the most economical compared to the others. With the right DIY tools and perfect knowledge, bathtub refinishing can be done by oneself effectively. We will discuss what you need to complete a successful bathtub refinishing with a procedure to follow.


To complete this DIY project successfully, here are some of the essential things you need to consider:

Step-by-Step Instructions

Upon ensuring that you have the equipment and the safety considerations adhered to, this is the process you will follow.

A Note from the Experts

This DIY bathtub refinishing is less complicated and simple to follow. However, it is ideal for short-term application since it is rare to find a DIY refinishing that will last for a long time before a new coating is needed. DIY bathtub refinishing is used as a measure until a complete tub replacement is practical. For a smooth and durable finish, it is crucial to seek the services of a professional to do the refinishing for you. 

Professionals use a slightly different process, but their method ensures that time is spent on repairing chips and cracks. Refinishers also use specialized equipment rather than just a roller and a brush to ensure a high-quality finish. However, the refinish is not as good as a new tub, don’t put your expectations on a refinisher too high.



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