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Wilmington Bathtub Reglazing is equipped to reglaze all types of bathtubs – from cast iron, pressed steels, Jacuzzi, shower pans and stalls to porcelain finishes, and even the new fiberglass gel coat tubs!

Wilimington Tub Reglazing


If you live in North Carolina and want an estimate to have your bathtub, tile, fiberglass, or countertop resurfaced, contact the helpful staff at Wilmington Tub Reglazing right now.

Using our high-performance coatings and materials, you can trust us to restore your porcelain or fiberglass tub, ceramic tile, cultured marble, or laminate countertop. In most cases, the lifespan of a bathtub or ceramic tile surround can be increased by as much as 15 years after being resurfaced by our experts. 

Our bathtub refinishing is of such high quality that many of our customers in the area claim they cannot tell the difference between a newly installed tub and one we refurbished ourselves. We can give your old tub a fresh new look by applying a surface that is both easy to maintain and durable for many years.

Safe, effective, and requiring minimal entry into the home, bathtub reglazing allows homeowners to get the work done without creating big messes or upsetting nearby homes or neighbors. The technique also does not necessitate a lot of cleaning or upkeep. Coatings of many different types can be used to create the desired effect.

As a concept and a common practice, refinishing bathtubs in designated spaces has been around for some time. It might be expensive to buy a new one, and tearing apart the entire system can damage the walls and flooring. Additionally, plumbers are frequently needed to ensure that contemporary appliances are installed correctly.

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Refinishing Bathtubs

Why deal with the hassle of uninstalling a bathtub, finding an exact replacement, bringing it home and dealing with the installation headache? Bathtub refinishing is a brilliant and an economical option. 

The negative impacts of installing a new bathtub are the hassle of uninstalling the old one, finding an exact replacement, and dealing with installation.

Why Bathtub refinishing is a more economical way to worry about finding the perfect bathtub to update your bathroom. and installing it yourself when you can have a professional refinish your antique tub at an economical cost?

Wilmington Bathtub Reglazing is equipped to reglaze all types of bathtubs – from cast iron, pressed steels, Jacuzzi, shower pans and stalls to porcelain finishes, and even the new fiberglass gel coat tubs! 

Bathtub Repairs

We are equipped to reglaze all types of bathtubs – from cast iron, pressed steels, Jacuzzi, shower pans and stalls to porcelain finishes, and even the new fiberglass gel coat tubs!


A full countertop replacement used to be the best option on the market, but not anymore! We have the solution to repair, reglaze, and refinish your surfaces on the spot!

Bathroom Tile Refinishing

Your tile can be refinished in whatever color you like. Tile repair is a great way to update your bathroom if you’re tired of taking showers while staring at the old bubblegum pink tiles.

Tile Walls Reglazing

If you break a tile or crack it by accidents, don’t worry! For our experts at Wilmington Bathtub Reglazing, it’s an easy feat.

Floor Tile Refinishing

A full tile replacement used to be the only option, but today it can be repaired, refinished, and reglazed on site without removal and in just a few hours!

Multi-Stone Refinishing

Our finish is durable, and the stones is truly custom, so have fun choosing one of the many color choices available for you!

Bathroom Floor Tile Refinishing

You can save a lot of money by reglazing bathroom floor tiles if they appear a bit worn but are still in good condition.

Bathtub Reglazing

We are an experienced company that specializes in bathtub refinishing. Our professional team will come out and give your tub the new look you need.

Shower Refinishing

We can treat acrylic shower surrounds, shower pans, shower and bathtub combo units, tile shower walls, and standalone shower stalls similarly because showers and bathtubs are often made of the same layers.

Shower Pan Refinishing

Is the shower’s bottom discolored, rusty, cracked, damaged, or plain dirty? We’ll make it work like new by fixing it.

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