How to Take Care of a Refinished Bathtub

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The bathtub is a crucial piece of bathroom furniture that is used daily, whether for traditional baths or as a place to stand while taking a shower.  Frequent use exposes the tub’s surface to moisture, which over time can degrade and stain the surface and, if cleaned improperly, even promote the growth of mildew.  There are solutions available to fix a tub’s surface that has become seriously discolored, such as bathtub reglazing or bathtub refinishing.  The tub’s original finish must be removed in order to execute these services, and a new bathtub finish must be applied in order to either change the tub’s color or restore its original finish.

Refinished bathtubs need to be cleaned and maintained properly to preserve the brand-new finish.  Using these bathtub cleaning tips can help you retain your reglazed bathtub’s fresh finish.

The bathtub should be cleaned right away after bathtub refinishing.

Refinishing your bathtub is an effective approach to reviving its appearance and can typically be completed in a single day.  The new finish may need up to 90 days to fully cure after application. The fresh finish starts to cure after being applied.  While the finish is curing, follow this cleaning and maintenance advice for your bathtub to keep it in good condition:

  • Avoid using your bathroom for at least 24 hours after the bathtub reglazing. If the surface is allowed to grow moist while the finish is curing, it could damage the new finish and trap dust particles, leading to sharp edges on the surface.  If there is less dust in the air, it will be simpler to avoid the restroom.
  • Masking tape is used to protect other bathroom surfaces while bathtub refinishing technicians work on them. The professionals will leave the tape in place when they are finished so that the customer can take it off.  This tape needs to be removed after the first 24 hours, but no later than a week after they have passed.  Make sure to gently remove the tape in order to prevent removing the new finish at the same time.  Take special care when removing tape near the drain to prevent compromising the drain shoe’s seal.  You might also get in touch with a specialist once more to remove the tape.
  • While it cures, the restored bathtub must be routinely cleansed with soap and a sponge. The finish will be cleaned and conditioned while the dust that gathered during the drying process is removed.

Tips for Cleaning Refinished Bathtubs

After the 90-day treatment period has gone, the following recommendations will assist you in maintaining your just-restored bathtub:

  • Two weeks after the new finish is applied, the surface should be waxed. This is a crucial procedure for maintaining a reglazed bathtub. After carefully washing the bathtub’s surface, use a damp cloth to apply a thin coat of car wax.  Carefully avoid over-buffing while using a dry cotton towel to remove the wax.  You must wax your renovated bathtub once every three to six months after the initial waxing.
  • Clean the surface with liquid soap or body wash that is safe for the material and easily rinses away on a regular basis to prevent soap residue.
  • Keep the faucet in good shape to prevent moisture damage and eroding caulking.
  • Make sure the bathroom has enough airflow.
  • To keep a dry surface, towel dry the tub after use. Keep wet sponges and washcloths out of the tub.
  • Fix any chips or cracks in the bathtub’s surface as soon as possible to stop the formation of mold and mildew. As a result, water will gather in the tub’s cracks.

Cleaning a bathtub after refinishing 

  • Avoid getting any chemicals, such as perfume, hair dye, or acidic cleaners, on the surface of your reglazed bathtub. Alternately, use mild liquid cleansers.
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaning pads because they run the risk of scratching the surface.
  • Avoid using a suction cup or rubber bath mats since they could react with hot water and harm the finish.
  • The fresh finish should not be exposed to items like shampoo bottles, soap, spray cans, and wet washcloths for more than 24 hours.
  • Your pet shouldn’t be bathed in the just-finished bathtub.

While bathtub refinishing services are fantastic for restoring your bathtub to its former glory, you must clean and maintain your refinished bathtub in order to keep it looking new.

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