Which Is Better: Replacing or Refinishing My Bathtub

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Why bother with repairs when a whole new tub can be had for essentially the same cost?

While it’s true that you can get a brand new bathtub for less than $500, the expense of replacing an old one is far higher. Why? Even though the cost of a new bathtub isn’t the highest in the home improvement process, these areas often draw the most attention.

In reality, the bulk of the replacement cost is initially obscured. Can you give some examples of such ‘hidden costs’?

Cost of Tub Removal and Disposal

Can you take the tub out of the bathroom by yourself? Is there access from the lobby or the restroom? Can you get rid of it, and if so, how do you plan to do so?

There’s a good chance you’ll crack some tiles when you try to expand the tub that far, and the new tub’s plumbing may not be compatible with the existing fittings. Because of this, you may additionally need the services of a plumber and a tile setter. This is why fixing a $500 bathtub may easily cost hundreds of dollars.

How Come Refinishing Excels Over Other Choices?

A remodeled bathtub has the same longevity as a brand new one. With proper care, a repaired surface has the same lifespan as a new bathtub; up to 20 years.

Do Tubs That Have Been Refinished Require Special Care?

Yes. If you want your professionally refinished surfaces to seem as good as new for as long as possible, you should never use bleach on them. Abrasive cleansers, such as bleach, can dull or harm the gloss or luster, just as they would on a brand-new surface.

Keep the non-silicone caulking in good condition and don’t use a suction mat in the tub if you want your refinished surfaces to last as long as possible and look as good as new. Mildew growth between the non-suction mat and the tub can be prevented by removing the mat after each use.



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