Should You Refinish or Replace Your Bathtub

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Why not just buy a new bathtub if you can do so for around the same price as having an old one refinished?

A brand-new bathtub can be purchased for as low as $500, but it cannot be replaced for the same amount. Why? Because bathtubs are the focal point of many homes, installing a new bathtub is not the most expensive component of replacing an old one.

In actuality, the majority of the replacement cost is first concealed. What are a few of these unstated expenses?

Costs Of Bathtub Removal And Disposal

Can you physically get the tub out of the bathroom, through the front door, or remove it yourself? How, if at all possible, will you get rid of it?

Even if you manage to remove the tub all the way to that point, the plumbing for the replacement tub could not even work with the original plumbing fixtures.

So now you might also need to employ a tile installer and a plumber.

That is how it is simple to replace a $500 bathtub for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

What, Therefore, Makes Refurbishing An Old Tub A Better Choice?

How long should a bathtub be refinished?

A bathtub that has been refinished has a lot in common with a bathtub that has just been installed. A restored surface may last 20 years with proper care, exactly like a brand-new bathtub.

Do you need to take extra care with a refinished bathtub?

Yes. Use only mild, nonabrasive cleaning supplies without bleach since a professionally refinished surface looks feel, and cleans like new. As with any new surface, harsh cleaning like bleach can dull or harm the sheen or shine.

Maintain nonsilicone caulking around all refinished surfaces, especially bathtubs, for best results, and avoid using any kind of suction mat in a refinished bathtub. If you use a non-suction mat, you must take it off each time you use the tub to prevent moisture buildup.



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