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We are aware that the hospitality sector is concerned with keeping up appearances to ensure guests have a pleasant stay. If you own commercial real estate, New Castle Tub Reglazing can help you meet the demands of your tenants and potentially raise your rental rates. We realize that every day your hotel is inoperable is money down the drain. Every effort is made to prevent this. We appreciate that commercial businesses in the hospitality industry have unique requirements and considerations before beginning a project, such as minimizing disruption to guests and operations during peak times.

Do the bathrooms of your hotel look unprofessional because of their lack of shine, damage, or repairs?

The bright side is that your problem is easily solved by New Castle Tub Reglazing.

Make sure your guests are staying in pristine, comfortable accommodations. We all know how much wear and tear hotel rooms can take. But we can modernize them without spending a ton of money or effort on repairs. We’ve finished tens of thousands of hotel refinishing jobs, so we know what it takes to get the job done quickly, cheaply, and beautifully.

By refinishing the surface with our patented method, New Castle Tub Reglazing can save you up to 80% compared to the cost of a replacement and have your bathrooms ready for use again in as little as 24 hours. We work on both the interior and exterior of typical tubs including cast iron, steel, fiberglass, and whirlpool tubs, as well as on claw foot tubs. There is no risk of peeling or lack of adherence to our coatings.

New Castle Tub Reglazing will give your tub a brand new look or fix minor damage like chipping.

A hotel bathtub is one of the few amenities that guests will use on a daily basis. In fact, a slippery or dirty bathtub is one of the most frequently mentioned reasons for a guest’s dissatisfaction on hotel review websites. Because of this, it’s crucial that a hotel finds the best commercial bathtub and bathroom restoration business the first time around. A hotel can lose tens of thousands of dollars in income and attract a swarm of negative reviews due to sloppy work and prolonged timescales.

Use the services of New Castle Tub Reglazing to save money. Right Now, Without Cost or Obligation, You Can Get a Quote.



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