Should You Refinish or Replace Your Bathtub

Should You Refinish or Replace Your Bathtub

If purchasing a new bathtub can be done for around the same cost as having your current one refinished, why not do so?

For less than $500, one can acquire a brand-new bathtub, but one cannot replace it for the same sum. Why? Taking into account that bathtubs are frequently the main point of houses and that purchasing a new tub is by far not the most expensive part of renovating one.

The majority of the replacement expense is really initially hidden. Specifically, which of these expenses is hidden?

Costs Associated With Removing And Dumping A Bathtub

Can you physically remove the tub from the bathroom, carry it outside, or move it? How, if any, will you dispose of the waste?

Even if you are successful in completely removing the tub, you will almost certainly cause damage to part of the bathroom’s tile, and it’s likely that the new tub’s plumbing won’t even function with the present fixtures.

You could therefore additionally need to hire a plumber and a tile installation.

As a result, upgrading a $500 bathtub might easily cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Hence, Why Is Tub Refinishing More Advantageous?

What is the expected lifespan of a renovated bathtub?

A freshly installed bathtub shares many characteristics with one that has recently been renovated. If properly maintained, a surface that has been resurfaced might last 20 years, equaling the lifespan of a brand-new bathtub.

Does special maintenance need to be performed on refinished bathtubs?

Yes. Keep in mind that a properly refinished surface looks feels, and cleans like new, so only use mild, nonabrasive cleaning products without bleach. Similar to what might happen to any fresh surface, abrasive cleaners like bleach can damage or reduce the sheen or luster.

Keep nonsilicone caulking in place around all refinished surfaces, particularly bathtubs, for the greatest results. Also, avoid placing any kind of suction mat in a refinished bathtub. If you use a nonsuction mat, you must take it off after each usage to prevent moisture buildup between the mat and the tub.



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