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For their children, They want to widen the globe. The fields of technology, mathematics, and science. Worlds complete with marvels to discover. Where the Delaware Children’s Museum is, children’s museums inspire creativity that lasts a lifetime and provide measurable unbiased learning. They offer secure, educational settings where children and their families may have inspired fun and see the emergence of new possibilities.

With stunning displays created by one of the top museum designers in the country. There is something fun for everyone, from young children to preteens and from parents to grandparents, with distinctive areas for school field trips, summer camps, and birthday celebrations. And the invaluable counsel of the top children’s museums in the nation.


The Delaware Children’s Museum aims to foster creative thinking through play and STREAM education.


To provide a cozy, accessible, enjoyable, and engaging atmosphere where kids and their families from all backgrounds may spend quality time together.

To create novel approaches to support children’s play-based learning and enhance learning at home and in the classroom.

To display information from several fields in a manner that stimulates investigation fosters learning, and establishes links between users and the outside world.

Helping Kids & Community

Across the nation, children’s museums are springing up everywhere.

Here are some statistics that demonstrate how everyone wins:

Children’s museums serve as “town squares” and create social capital. They are the newest and fastest-growing museums in the nation and the world.

Children’s museums are an addition to and replacement for conventional educational resources.

The local economy benefits from children’s museums.

Community Access Programs

They are proud to offer community access programs (C.A.P.s) generously supported by the D.C.M.’s Breaking Barriers Campaign. By removing access barriers that prevent kids and their families from visiting the Museum, C.A.P.s are intended to ensure that as many families as possible can take advantage of the playful learning opportunities it offers.

Playful Learning

Children learn best when they explore independently and do things that interest them. It is also known as “playful learning,” and it is what children excel at.

Econnect Exhibit

However far from nature the city may appear to be. With activities like a highly interactive stream table that lets kids explore everything from water locks to wind power, children can get dirty and explore the workings of nature for themselves in ECOnnect.

Kids understand how energy choices relate to the sustainability of the Earth when they step inside the EcoHouse, which uses clean energy and eco-friendly technology.

Training Wheels Exhibit

There are several options for interaction for their younger guests in this section with a transportation theme. Children may practice their motor skills and act out scenarios in a specially created setting that includes a toddler-sized train and an auto shop with a toy automobile. Early hikers are encouraged to explore safely and comfortably in a cushioned boat. Also available is a private breastfeeding room for mothers and their infants.

Tree Pavilion Exhibit

The D.C.M.’s Tree Pavilion, unveiled to the public on Earth Day in 2016, swiftly established itself as a pillar of the museum and its dedication to environmental care and education.

The 350-year-old Sycamore tree known as Tree Pavilion is 7.5 feet wide, 21 feet long, and tall. The tree, originally from Alapocas Woods near Wilmington, was meticulously conserved by local Dave Macleod. The tree was stripped of its bark, sanded, hollowed out, and treated to produce a “tree shell” that was flawlessly maintained.

Structures Exhibit

What does an architect do? Building engineer? a steelworker Designer?

It all takes shape in structures. Children learn about the various elements and jobs within the construction industry as they role-play and imagine themselves at work. Visitors leave with a completely new understanding of what goes into building structures all over the world after drawing blueprints, learning about the requirements for structural stability, connecting with blocks, and learning about materials.

Stratosphere Exhibit

Inside this climbing tower with a 30-foot circle, children of all ages will push their physical boundaries and acquire new abilities. The top level is wheelchair accessible, and many entrances on the lobby level enable children to ascend to a circular platform that overlooks the lobby entrance. This allows children to have fun in ways their parents and instructors would never have thought.

S.T.E.M. Exhibit

The D.C.M. is a STEM-based children’s museum committed to enhancing educational opportunities for kids of all ages, skill levels, and learning preferences.

Children can experience interesting S.T.E.M. experiments and activities in The S.T.E.M. Room while meeting exciting people active in Delaware’s thriving and expanding S.T.E.M. community.

Children of all ages and abilities can access high-quality, captivating, innovative, and constantly changing S.T.E.M. programming at The S.T.E.M. Room.

S.T.E.M. Programs:

  • Try out Science Series, a program that allows kids to “transform” themselves into a new kind of scientist every week!
  • Junior Engineers Series is a collection of hands-on experiments designed to pique readers’ interests in the engineering field.
  • Math and Computer Science Excursions for Young Pilots in Preschool
  • There are many more S.T.E.M. programs that rotate every week.

Bank On It Exhibit

But how exactly does it work that money keeps the world turning? Bank on It allows children to investigate several aspects of personal finance, including earning money, creating and sticking to a budget, and saving and spending. In addition to mental stimulation, children benefit from interactive play, which may take the form of a cash machine that they can use or a “café” that is furnished with tables and chairs.

Studio D Exhibit

The Delaware College Investment Plan Studio D is a place for hands-on creative expression in various artistic mediums, including weaving, printing, sculpture, and painting. It is easily visible from both the main door and the lobby of the building.

Unzip the Globe and Walk Right In

Want to educate your pupils about the world they live in in a creative, engaging way? Do you like active learning from your students? Would a 19-foot balloon at your gym attract and hold their interest?

Children in the gym or auditorium of their school are encouraged by the D.C.M.’s Earth Balloon to explore their great globe, its resources, and its inhabitants.

This 19-foot inflatable globe is used to augment classroom instruction with practical experience. Their qualified teacher will provide classes based on standards that include geography, map skills, geology, and other social studies subjects. All at your home or office!

The show opens with a trip around the globe in a hot air balloon, followed by an explanation of geographical elements, including continents and seas. The participants then unzip the Earth and enter it for a deeper investigation of chosen subjects, especially for the group.

The Earth Balloon can accommodate up to 30 people at once. With lesson plans for grades pre-K–12 and specialized programming for camps and community groups, it may be adapted for children of any age.

For more information, visit their website or call them at  (302) 442-6857 Read more.

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