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An alternative to the Orthodox and Reform congregations already in Wilmington, Delaware, Congregation Beth Shalom was formed in 1922 to serve the expanding Jewish community in Wilmington, Delaware. they began with “the original six” families and have now expanded to include over 400 families. Their congregants participate in various services and activities the synagogue offers with dignity and respect. Many have also held leadership or volunteer positions in the larger Jewish community and society. Additional information.

  • In addition to `being a member of They are known as the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. Also, a part of the Mid-Atlantic District of the Conservative Movement, which comprises other conservative congregations from the surrounding area.
  • Their clergy is involved in several organizations, including interfaith task forces, civic coalitions, communal groups, DERECH, the Delaware Association of Rabbis, and Cantors.
  • Their synagogue has been granted permission by the Delaware Va’ad HaKashrus to prepare and serve kosher meals from their kitchen to their social hall and atrium for celebrations, life-cycle events, and traditional Shabbat dinners and holiday meals. This is possible because the Delaware Va’ad HaKashrus have approved their synagogue.

Their Mission

The synagogue known as Congregation Beth Shalom is a Conservative congregation that adheres to egalitarianism and is devoted to the worship of God, the goals and commandments of the Torah, and continuing education. They are a Jewish community that encourages the celebration of life cycle events, the observance of holy seasons, and acts of loving compassion toward one another. They are dedicated to pursuing social justice, communication between people of different faiths, and maintaining the State of Israel.

Their Offer

There is much more to the Congregation Beth Shalom than a structure or even a group of individuals. It is a community that may assist you in meeting your educational, social, and religious requirements in some way. (And your dietary needs; all you have to do is attend one of the Shabbat meals!)

Not just on Shabbat but also during the whole week, their synagogue has many activities you may participate in. They provide programs and activities tailored to the needs of children, teens, and adults of all ages—big and small groups of all sizes and people with a wide variety of interests. They contribute to their local community’s betterment through Tikkun Olam initiatives and volunteer work. They have a fantastic Klezmer Band and an adult choir for music lovers to enjoy here. In addition, they make it a point to provide members and friends who are going through tough times and challenging circumstances with the compassionate assistance of their Chesed Network.

Listed below are some of the services they provide:

Active Sisterhood, thriving Men’s Club, and Youth Groups for kids in elementary and secondary schools.

Sunday through Friday, morning minyan services is held every day. Monday through Friday at 7:30 am, and at 9:00 am on Sundays, minyan starts.

Hebrew school that is developing and thriving. Classes are held on Sundays at 9:00 am and Tuesdays at 4:00 pm.

The current adult education offerings include Hebrew Classes for Beginners, a CBS Book Club, Torah Study with Rabbi Michael, and unique guest themes at their Second Friday Shabbat Services. Additionally, they sometimes host events supported by the Rabbi Jacob Kraft Educational Foundation.

A recently updated Jewish library with many resources. The library is open to members for general reading, inter-library book lending, and research projects.


Youth Education

Their synagogue’s Hebrew School, Congregation Beth Shalom, is its crowning achievement. Their youth clubs and community activities give the congregation’s children the tools and experiences they need to find meaning and richness in Jewish life and learn to appreciate Israel and the Jewish community worldwide. Both within and outside the classroom, their young people can learn from one another, engage in meaningful conversation, and have a good time with their Jewish classmates.

Hebrew School

The Congregation Beth Shalom Hebrew School seeks to assist each child in discovering Jewish life’s sources of meaning and richness. The curriculum is made up of all educational activities that are geared toward achieving this goal. Their integrated curriculum integrates practical Jewish learning to strengthen their kids’ ties to their religion and prepare them for b’nei mitzvah and beyond.

B’nei Mitzvah – B’Yachad!

A person’s transition into adulthood as a community member is symbolized by their bar or bat mitzvah. Their B’nai mitzvah program works to build strong teams consisting of families and synagogue employees to provide ceremonies that are welcoming to everyone and aesthetically pleasing. Families are provided with frequent touch with a b’nei mitzvah coordinator and are led through each stage of the journey leading up to the bar or bat mitzvah. To guarantee that their b’nai mitzvah kids have a meaningful religious experience, their rabbis, Michael and Nick, and their committed instructors work directly with the youngsters.

PJ Library

PJ Library® is a Jewish family engagement program that has won awards worldwide and aims to build the identities of Jewish families and their connection to the Jewish community. More than 125 towns in the United States, Canada, and Israel are part of the PJ Library program, providing free Jewish books and music to 60,000 children aged six months to eight years each month. These youngsters live in Israel.

This forward-thinking initiative was officially inaugurated by the Jewish Federation of Delaware in the Fall of 2011, with the endorsement of Congregation Beth Shalom. Since then, the number of monthly memberships has already reached more than 275. As PJ Library enters its fourth year, its goal is to expand the program’s eligibility age to eight so that an even more significant number of children can use its unique offerings.

For more information, visit their website or call them at (302)654-4462

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