What Makes Bathtub Reglazing Worth the Money

01.10 - is it worth the money to reglaze bathtubs

We’ve all seen the worn-out, chipped bathtub; some of us even have one in our bathrooms. It shows years of wear and tear and barely functions as a bathroom fixture. Because of how horrible all the pockmarks and rust stains are, you may be too anxious even to take a relaxing bath. At that point, you’re probably wondering how to save your beloved old bathtub.

You’ve heard of reglazing but must find out whether it’s worthwhile. Would the expense of reglazing, after all, be justified? Will it last a long time? Should I get a new tub?

What is Bathtub Reglazing?

First, you must understand what reglazing is and what it can accomplish for your tired old buddy. Removing the original finish from your tub by sanding or chemically altering it is known as reglazing. Before applying a fresh layer, or primer, the tub is meticulously cleaned to remove contaminants. Finally, many coats of ultra-durable top coat are used to make it seem brand new. As a result, no one can tell the tub isn’t brand new from a home improvement store.

Let us now look at the price. Such a great accomplishment would cost thousands of dollars. That is not the case! In truth, that is precisely how much a new bathtub would cost. Bathtub reglazing often costs $300-600. Isn’t that great? You also avoid the dust and debris of removing your old tub and installing a new one. And what will you do with the old one? Good luck with that!

The cost of employing a plumber may be reduced.

To finish the new installation. But what you’re doing for the environment is the most essential thing. Reglazing saves millions of old bathtubs from ending up in landfills every year. Thank you ahead of time, Mother Earth!

Many individuals are worried about the durability of a reglazed bathtub, but this is not necessary. You should expect your restored bathtub to survive another 5-10 years with regular care, such as cleaning with a light cleaner and a soft cloth. On the other hand, a new bathtub will last 10-15 years but cost around twice as much.

So take the plunge to resurrect your sad, old bathtub. You will save money as well as the environment!

Revolutionary Bathtub Reglazing with Wilmington Tub Reglazing

It’s time to contact us if you close the shower curtain before guests see your outdated bathtub. We specialize in bathtub reglazing. We can return your bathtub to its former glory and save you embarrassment and money.

Our expert reglazing services go beyond a simple facelift. To remove any stains, pockmarks, and holes, we remove the last finishing and start from the tub foundation surface. We use materials that are safe for the environment and you that won’t harm either. Our service is quick and doesn’t cause any disruptions.

Contact The Reglazing Pros Near You

By choosing Wilmington Tub Reglazing, be ready for a revolution in tub repair and see the transformation your home will go through. Contact us immediately!



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