Tub Reglazing: Can it really make my bathtub good as new?

Bathroom remodeling is one of the most expensive things to do. The cost can vary depending on what kind of materials you want, but it’s usually not cheap. However, a cheaper alternative won’t break your bank and will make your bathroom look like new: reglazing. 

Reglazing involves taking off the old layer of glaze from your bathtubs and then applying a new layer with a color or finish that matches your desired results. Here, we will discuss ways how tub reglazing makes bathtubs as good as new.

By Changing the Color & Finish

One of the most obvious reasons people choose to reglaze their bathtubs is that it gives them a chance to change the color and finish of their tub. Currently, there are many finishes that you can choose from. For instance, if you want an old-fashioned look, choose pewter or matte black glaze. Matte black tubs are a timeless classic that retains their look for decades. 

Other finishes include metallic, burnished copper, and rustic gold. If you want to change the color of your bathtubs, try choosing antique white. Antique white is classy and eternally chic. It adds vintage accents to your bathroom without being overpowering.

By Removing Wear & Tear

When a tub is installed, it’s glazed with a clear protective coat. After time and years of use, the glaze can start to wear out and fade. This is what causes the various nicks and scratches that you see on your bathtubs. In addition, hard water or rust from the pipes can also cause corrosion, making your bathtubs look dull and old. 

Tubs can also get chipped or become corroded because of lead solder, which connects the pipes in older homes. However, lead solder hasn’t been included in new plumbing designs, so if you’ve updated your home with newer bathroom fixtures, you should be fine. Reglazing is a way to bring your old tub back to life and remove all signs of wear and tear.

By Removing Unsightly Stains

Stains can make your bathtub look old and dingy. With time, the grout that holds the tiles together may start to leak or crumble, which can cause stains that are hard to clean. The water also becomes discolored because of mineral build-up, mold spores, and soap scum. 

Reglazing is a way to remove all of those calcium deposits and stains that make your bathtub look dirty and dingy because it involves completely stripping off the old glaze from your bathtub. There are different types of chemicals used by different reglaze. Some use acids, while others use abrasives. Whatever works best for your home’s bathroom is what you should use.

By Elongating the Life of Your Bathtub

The longer you wait to reglaze your bathtub, the more damage it will incur. Therefore, it’s essential to either reglaze your tub or replace it with a new one as soon as possible. When a tub is left to wear down without reglazing, it can cause discoloration that is very hard to remove. 

It’s also harder to clean an older bathtub because the grout between tiles has more time to break loose and allow water in. These are big problems if you don’t want mold growth or leaks in your bathroom, which can cause severe damage to your home.

By Giving your Bathroom a Facelift

When you’re thinking about updating your bathroom, reglazing your tub is one of the cheapest and simplest ways. You don’t have to install new fixtures or replace everything in the room. All you have to do is have a reglazer strip off the old glaze so they can apply a new layer on top. 

You can purchase a discounted or factory second finish from a home improvement store and apply it yourself to save the most money. This way, you’ll get the exact look that you’re going for at half the cost of professional reglazing.

By Preventing Tarnish & Corrosion

Perhaps the best benefit of having your tub reglazed is that it prevents tarnishing and corrosion. As stated before, this helps to prevent leaks in your bathroom by preventing water damage. It also protects other fixtures in your home because it prevents the deterioration of metal surfaces. The glaze applied during reglazing acts as a protective layer that prevents corrosion, so even if you have copper or lead plumbing, this process is safe to use.


There are several benefits to reglazing your bathtub, and they all add up to making your bathroom look better. By restoring the lustrous finish that originally came with your tub when it was brand new, you can give yourself a facelift for just a fraction of what you would have to pay if you purchased a new tub. With a quick fix, you can make your bathroom look new again while also preventing water damage and leaks.



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