How to Revamp Your Bathroom With Tile Refinishing

02.10 - budget friendly renovation in tile refinishing

Wilmington Tub Reglazing are the industry leaders in tile restoration and bathtub refinishing. Our highly qualified experts are committed to fixing your outdated and damaged bathroom fixtures. Along with chip and crack repair, color changing, and other treatments, our services include reglazing, resurfacing, and refinishing tile and bathtub surfaces.

Project pricing is one of our customers’ most frequent inquiries. The cost of reglazing a bathtub or tile may vary significantly based on several variables, including the size, the extent of the damage, and the finish style you pick.

To give you an idea of pricing ranges, reglazing tile may cost between $300 and $800, while reglazing a bathtub typically costs between $300 and $600. We recommend contacting us for a more precise quotation based on your unique requirements, as these costs are estimates.

The pride of Wilmington Tub Reglazinglies in offering excellent services at reasonable costs. We work hard to make our services available because everyone deserves a beautiful and functional bathroom. To further ensure your pleasure, we provide a satisfaction guarantee specific to the quality of the work.

Wilmington Tub Reglazing is the sole name you need to remember if you’re seeking a reputable and reasonably priced business to reglaze your bathtub and tile. Get a free estimate for your project and more information about our services by contacting us right now.



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